Developing sustainably productive teams.

You want your coworkers to stay healthy, creative and clearheaded. But right now, stress is making some of them anxious and unproductive. They might even be looking for new places to work.

That’s where Lightly comes in.

Through workshops and courses, Lightly helps your employees get great work done while avoiding burnout.

If you're looking for measurable results, methods backed by science and a deep understanding of how a tech company works – you've come to the right place.

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"A+++ presentation and highly recommended!"

John Brophy, Product Manager


In a workshop, we cover the basics of stress and focus. Participants learn how stress works in the body, how it relates to productivity and how to achieve flow.

We also discuss new methods for staying calm and focused – such as meditation – as well as how to quantify well-being.

"I can highly recommend the workshop for rapid speed tech companies! Mattis speaks in a sincere way with a language that appeals to engineers about a relevant topic."

Kristina Persson, HR Business Partner

8-week course

During a course we make actual changes to how you work, think and feel. We meet every week at your office and talk about a theme such as flow, presence and focus.

In each session we reflect upon this week's subject and learn new methods to manage it. The participants do homework assignments between every session.

We measure KPIs before and after the course. On average, we decrease stress by 25%, increase focus by 50% and increase well-being by 20%.

“Mattis is a joy listening to! With a very personal and easy way he gives both the tools and motivation to improve productivity and reduce stress.”

Erika Drageryd, Clinical Leader CT Nordics

Mattis Erngren

Mattis Erngren

Hi. My name is Mattis. My background is as a Scrum Master and tech consultant.

I have extensive personal experience in dealing with stress and anxiety. It's awesome to teach others the methods that have helped me, and to see them get both healthier and more productive.

You can reach me at

"Do your company a favour – let Mattis help you become a little calmer and more focused, you won’t regret it."

Alexandra Nordenskiold, Team Manager

Frequently asked questions

Do you teach mindfulness?

Mindfulness, just like yoga, can mean many things. If you're talking about present-state awareness, then yes, I teach that.

Are you hiring?

No. But all of Lightly's work is available as open source on GitHub. Take it, tweak it, teach it. You don’t need my permission to get going.

Where do you work?

So far I've been booked to Stockholm, New York, Boston, Cambridge, Gothenburg and London. I'd love to come wherever in the world you are – just send me an email and we'll set it up.

"Mattis succeeds in teaching understanding and behaviour that reduce stress and increase focus, in a way that is extremely accessible, inclusive and believable."

Alexander Bethke, Systems Developer / DevOps Enabler


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